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Why We Do Things the Way We Do 11/1/2004

Tips On Building Song Presentations 8/3/2005

Finding Audio CDs 10/6/2005

Printout for the AV guys 10/6/2005

Printout for the Song Leader 3/1/2006

MultiMedia and Lyrics Only 4/4/2006

Building a Song Presentation 5/2/2006

Putting Your Song Service Together 7/1/2006

Video Projector Mainenance 8/1/2006

Excel Auto Sort Feature 11/1/2006

Copyrights and The Paperless Hymnal® 1/4/2007

Praise and Harmony 4/4/2007

CCLI and The Paperless Hymnal® 5/3/2007

Glitches Happen 6/2/2007

Selecting Songs for Future Volumes 6/2/2007

Taylor Publications and The Paperless Hymnal® 7/1/2007

PowerPoint® Hot Keys and Helps 8/1/2007

Recovering After Loosing Your TPH Files 9/1/2007

More CCLI Questions Answered 10/1/2007

Church Web Sites 1/4/2008

Music Training - Overview 10/2/2008

Music Training - Youth 11/2/2008

Music Training - Adults 12/3/2008

Searching for Words and Phrases in Songs 3/2/2009

Using Backgrounds with The Paperless Hymnal slides 5/4/2009

Teaching Music in the Church 9/1/2010

Teach Your Baby to Read Music 9/1/2010

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