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Paperless Hymnal Products

Volume One
- 205 songs
 - $200.00

Volume Two
- 102 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Three
- 112 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Four
- 118 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Five
- 115 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Six
- 121 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Seven
- 126 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Eight
- 112 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Nine
- 119 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Ten
- 121 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Eleven
- 115 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Twelve
- 117 additional songs
 - $100.00

Volume Thirteen
- 108 additional songs
 - $100.00

List all 1599 songs in TPH by TITLE

List all 1599 songs in TPH by VOLUME

Timeless Psalter Project

We also sell

Praise for the Lord

songs set in a compatible format

NEW PRICE $349.00

Taylor Publications products set in a compatible format

ePraise Hymn series

Traditional Vol 1- $100
Traditional Vol 2- $100
Traditional Vol 3- $100
Traditional Vol 4- $100
Traditional Vol 5- $100
Traditional Vol 6- $125
Traditional Vol 7- $125
Contemporary - $399
Teens - $45
Kids - $50

The Cross - $35

Price List

Are you needing to project lyrics and music for your congregation's favorite songs?

The Paperless Hymnal is the answer for you.
No CCLI or other licenses or external fees
are required to use this product.

Large - easy to read lyrics.
Now in 16 X 9 and 4 X 3 aspect ratios.

The Paperless Hymnal® in use at the 2010 Harding University Lectureship

The Paperless Hymnal® in use at the 2010 Harding University Lectureships - Dr. Michael B. Wood, directing

Free Downloads

Over Seventy Free Songs
Download any or all of these songs and use them in your services. This is the best way to try out our product. They are in PowerPoint format and ready to use.

Song, Scripture & Topical Index
This is an Excel file listing over 3800 songs. Updated 1/11/2022.
Free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
The Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Viewer lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions. You can view and print presentations, but you cannot edit them.
Fundamentals of Church Music Theory by James Tackett
This textbook is written with the beginning music student in mind.
The Christian Assembly by Brian Casey, D.Arts
Concepts, Trends, and leadership with Purpose
Free choral music downloads
Looking for choral music? These arrangements are written for mixed a'cappella groups.

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Compatibility with Song Books and Software

These songs are not scanned from hymn books. They are custom designed for projection with Microsoft PowerPoint.
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